Experience 100% pure essential oils


Goodness of many essential oils in one bottle.

Experience 100% pure essential oils

Pamper your loved ones with the gift of nature. 

The easiest method to apply essential oils is by diluting 2% - 5% essential oil in carrier oil and apply it directly on the desired area.

Open the essential oil bottle, bring it close to your nose and simply inhale. Put a few drops on a tissue or on the pillow and enjoy the aroma. 

Boil 2 - 3 cups of water and put it in a bowl. Next mix 3 - 5 drops of the desired essential oil to it and slowly inhale the steam a few times.

In an essential oil diffuser put  3 - 5 drops of essential oils along with half cup of water and enjoy the aroma filled atmosphere.

Choose your preferred essential oil and put 5 - 10 drops of oil in the tub and enjoy the relaxation bath. Put in the oils before getting in.

Apply a combination of essential oils for a relaxed massage. Put 3 - 5 drops of oil in carrier oil and use it on the reflex points or the entire body.

Steam Inhalation

Aromatherapy Massage

Simply Inhale


Apply to the Skin

Essential Oil Diffuser


Make In India

100% Natural

We offer the highest quality, pure and 100% natural essential oils and carrier oils. 

Our oils are made to perfection in India.

Tested & Analysed

We conduct an extensive testing and analysis on each batch of oil.

Gold Standards

We set the gold standard with our oils, maximizing their efficiency.

The Story of Sacred Elixir

Natural | Pure | Therapeutic

Sacred Elixir is a one stop online store for all your essential oil, carrier oil and synergy blend needs. In a world full of chemical products, we are trying to make an effort to provide you with 100% natural products, that can be used to compliment and enhance the fast paced modern lives.


 We at Sacred Elixir are committed to providing the customer with high-quality essential oils. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. Every batch of oil is procured by the best in the industry, is then closely supervised by our team and packed to perfection. We believe that each and every customer is unique, in terms of their needs and preferences, we have curated a product range to satisfy everyone. We know that every product counts and we strive to make your entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Check out our store and special offers, and get in touch with questions or requests.





Therapeutic Benefits



100% Natural

No Synthetic Fragrance

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I absolutely love the Lavender essential oil by Sacred Elixir. They sell the best essential oils that are 100% natural and pure. I apply it on my face before going to bed and it has made me fall in love with my skin again.


Sacred Elixir is the best place to buy essential oils online. After a long search I found them, initially I was very skeptically to try anything new, but I then I thought of giving it a try and trust me they are absolutely worth it.


The Headache roll on is my go to product from Sacred Elixir. I have always preferred natural alternatives over medicine and this roll on absolutely does the job. I always carry it with me wherever I go.

100 Ways To Use Essential Oils Effectively!

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